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A champion of virtue is called for

Posted by shatteredmoon On May - 9 - 20162 COMMENTS

The latest bug fixes are now available. To get them, simply start the game client and it will automatically patch the necessary files. The last server and client proved to be extremely stable, so CUO will likely proceed to Beta soon. Thanks to everyone who has played and provided feedback.



New font for player names – improved legibility and kerning

Player name font size slightly increased

Cyan coloring for standard NPC, Lord British, and Seer Hawkwind dialogs

Cyan coloring for “look” command feedback


U4 spell casting fixed

Beggar giving fixed

Travel to Shrine of Spirituality fixed

Pirate ship spawn rates reduced

Tinkers now start with a mace for a weapon (instead of nothing)

Starting virtue levels adjusted (Seer Hawkwind no longer hates new players!)

Fix for Seer Hawkwind elevation permissions

Wandering and aggressive NPCs now avoid poison tiles, magical fields, etc.


The RUM Portal game launcher no longer requires admin elevation