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In another world, in a time to come

Posted by shatteredmoon On February - 1 - 2011

It has probably been years since last posting news about this project. Many thanks to those of you who have contacted me in the meantime for news, regards, and offers for help. As many people already know, the original goal of this project, the faithful, multiplayer conversion of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, was about 99% achieved when I decided to “add a few more things.” Little did I realize what I was in for…

The project as it’s currently known is called Classic Ultima Online or simply CUO. The current objectives for this project are:

  • Tile-based, multiplayer online play using classic Ultima tiles and environments
  • Highly portable
  • Easily accessible
  • Localizable
  • Scriptable/modifiable

The previous client is still downloadable and playable, thanks to the generosity and vigilance of Dennis DeMarco. He has hosted the server and client downloads for many years. Please browse to for a copy of the original client. Once downloaded, launch the client and specify as the game server.

Beginning with this post, I hope to begin a monthly update at the very least. For the month of January, the majority of the work on CUO was in the following areas:

  • UI
  • Inventory
  • Memory leaks / refcounting fixes
  • SDK updates

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  1. Darawi says:

    Sounds great — looking forward

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