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Classic Ultima Online

Welcome to the Classic Ultima Online (CUO) project page. CUO is a completely free, online, modern remake of Ultima I-IV using the RUM Construction Kit. The remake attempts to adhere closely to the original experience of each Ultima, with a few tweaks for online play and to modernize the game somewhat. Some example changes are diagonal movement & attacks, dynamic switching between various graphical tilesets, simplistic UI for Player & NPC interactions, top-down dungeons, plus a handful of new mini-quests.

The project is currently in the Alpha testing phase, so please report problems so that they can be fixed!

CUO could not have been possible without the guidance and support of the following people:

  • Kenneth Kully (Withstand the Fury Dragon) – For hosting the website and for posting project updates
  • Daniel D’Agostino (Dino the Dark Dragon) – For providing technical info and for posting project updates
  • David Baity (MegaWars) – For hosting the current CUO server
  • Dennis Demarco – Many thanks to his generosity & vigilance for hosting the original CUO server for many years
  • Josh Steele (Wiltshire Dragon) – For permission to use his excellent graphic tile sets and for providing Ultima 4 technical info
  • Per Olofsson (Mager Valp Dragon) – For providing technical info and permission to use assets from Ultima Gold edition
  • Louis Stice (Micro Dragon) – For clearer Ultima maps
  • Max Breedon (Toaster Dragon) – For providing MMO technical advice
  • Brian Reynolds (Brilliant Dragon) – For providing C64 sound files
  • Shane Stacks (Shane Plays) – For babysitting the server, miscellaneous programming help, and for spreading the word about CUO
  • Holger Bachert (Telavar Dragon) – Music files from Mysterious Sosaria
  • Steve Conley (Blue Dragon) – Solaris/Linux translations of the original CUO server
  • Darel Chastain – For providing Ultima 1 dungeons Death’s Awakening, Scorpion Hole, Dead Warrior’s Fight, Savage Place, and Labyrinth
  • John Von Draugr – For supporting and testing the project, and for providing the C64 tileset
  • Matt Barton (Matt Chat) – For Matt Chat episode 316 and 317

Special thanks to Richard Garriott for creating Ultima and to Chris Nino for introducing me to it.

Finally, many thanks to Evan Wood & Jessica Brooks for continually listening to me say “it’s almost done.”

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