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A champion of virtue is called for

Posted by shatteredmoon On May - 9 - 20162 COMMENTS

The latest bug fixes are now available. To get them, simply start the game client and it will automatically patch the necessary files. The last server and client proved to be extremely stable, so CUO will likely proceed to Beta soon. Thanks to everyone who has played and provided feedback.



New font for player names – improved legibility and kerning

Player name font size slightly increased

Cyan coloring for standard NPC, Lord British, and Seer Hawkwind dialogs

Cyan coloring for “look” command feedback


U4 spell casting fixed

Beggar giving fixed

Travel to Shrine of Spirituality fixed

Pirate ship spawn rates reduced

Tinkers now start with a mace for a weapon (instead of nothing)

Starting virtue levels adjusted (Seer Hawkwind no longer hates new players!)

Fix for Seer Hawkwind elevation permissions

Wandering and aggressive NPCs now avoid poison tiles, magical fields, etc.


The RUM Portal game launcher no longer requires admin elevation

A new age is upon Britannia

Posted by shatteredmoon On April - 21 - 20161 COMMENT

Another client update has been released! Please note that the last release had a bug that caused the client to fail to patch properly, so to get an updated client please run Repair on the CUO installation using the RUM Portal context menu. See the download page for steps on how to do this, or refer to the image below.



Included in the new client update:



Players no longer transition to wilderness when visiting earlier Ultimas, and instead appear before Lord British

Players cannot join or create parties from within solo instances

Party invite, dismiss, and promote options have been added to player dialog (only party leaders will see promote and dismiss)


Keypad Enter is accepted in more places

Path separators are no longer required at the end of a path for official Ultima installation verifications

When default Ultima installation verification fails, a standard File Open Windows dialog is provided for easier path input


Default official Ultima installation paths modified to most recent installation locations

Ultima installation verifications try more default locations

Patching fixes


Removed Windows API call that was preventing execution on Windows XP

Take care in these thy first travels in Britannia…

Posted by shatteredmoon On March - 16 - 20161 COMMENT

The client has been updated to address many bugs, and to improve the playing experience:


Various bug fixes for resurrection
Flamis fixed
Starter weapons and armour fixed
Players are prompted with mixture amount when mixing U4 spells
U4 Rune carvers fixed
Chest fixes for U1-U3
U1 chests have chance of granting spells, potions, rope & spikes, and torches
Ignite torch fixes for U1-U3
Peering fixes for U2 and U3
Many U1 through U3 dungeon ladder fixes
U1 and U2 Prayer spell added
U3 Dag Acron and Lib Rec spells now work more like U4 Blink
U3 Noxum fires multiple fireball projectiles
U3 resurrection can now result in players being reduced to ashes
Added traps to U1 dungeons
U2 poisonous marshes only do damage
U1 and U2 Charisma bonuses applied for buying and selling
U1 and U2 Stamina now mitigate damage
U1 players can now become a Space Ace
U3 and U4 bomb traps
U1-U3 stealing supported
U1 and U2 NPCs give coins/gold when killed
Volume command now toggles between variations of playing or muting music & sfx
Fast attacks (ctrl + direction) can now hit a player standing next to obscured tiles
Movement costs applied for tile types (mountainous tiles cause slow movement, etc.)
Ship movement costs based on wind direction
Pirate ships now turn and are delayed by wind direction
U1 Magic Missile bonus applied to players equipped with an Amulet, Wand, Staff, or Triangle
Adds Agility restrictions to U1 weapons
U2 Quicksword can no longer be traded
Weapons and armour selling fixes
Thrown weapons removed when thrown
U1-U3 guards can now jail criminals
Players can be jailed in any jail cell throughout all of U1-U4, not just U4 Yew
Misc fixes to AI attack behavior
Fixes bug where AI could attack through walls
Bug fix for all transports capable of ‘F’iring weapons

Added select all (ctrl-a), copy & paste (ctrl-c, ctrl-v), home, and end keypress functionality to many controls
Mana indicators are not shown on characters that cannot cast spells
Grouped party members can now see each others’ mana/spell points
Fix for graphic artifacts on Party stat page
Stats for new characters don’t start out blank
Fix for some U4 rune materials missing from stats
P2p trading improvements across all Ultima versions
U1 and U2 spell keyboard shortcuts corrected
Dungeons now show level label where Moons are typically shown
Individual continent names are shown for U1 continents
Fixes for tab-targeting enemies with ranged weapons
Targeting reticule fixed while in peering mode
Failed! error no longer displayed when turning ships
Fleeing! status no longer displays for NPC types that never flee
Various fixes to jail wait time reports

Many misc graphic tile fixes
Fix for player graphic mysteriously converting to Mage
Transition graphic properly displays when entering game or when traveling between game versions
U1 force field tile scrolling fix

Players can now pick desired classes when initiating a new game


While this should take care of the majority of problems, there are undoubtedly more bugs waiting to be found. Unfortunately, this round of fixes require a wipe of the character database, so it will definitely be necessary to create a new account and character to play. Also, the game will remain in Alpha for now, so please continue to submit bugs and/or feedback!