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Classic Ultima Online

The whole of the axiom is greater than all its parts!

Posted by shatteredmoon On December - 9 - 20171 COMMENT

Interested in furthering the development of Classic Ultima Online or the RUM Construction Kit library and editor used to make it? Maybe you’re just interested in building and hosting your own online client and server for CUO? Or, perhaps you’re interested in creating your own online rogue-like, Ultima clone, or MUD using RUM?

Both RUM and CUO are now available as open source Mercurial projects on Bitbucket!

Please visit the project page to obtain the project source code and to learn more.

Preparation is underway for making both RUM and CUO open source and downloadable from a public repository. Stay tuned!

Cast Spell! Quickness!

Posted by shatteredmoon On January - 13 - 2017ADD COMMENTS

Kimsch has posted a speed run of the original Ultima IV on YouTube, with the initial play-through clocking in at 2 hours 31 seconds and 11,051 moves. That establishes the baseline on which he hopes to improve with a follow-up video.

I’m still not sure if Ultima IV as ran under CUO can be completed solo, but it is my hope that someone attempts it soon. CUO does not currently track your move count, but this speed run has me wanting to add that in.