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Meditate for 3 Cycles

Posted by shatteredmoon On June - 2 - 20113 COMMENTS

Many apologies for the lack of news for the past 3 months… Progress has once again slowed, but continues to be made nevertheless. On the surface, there is very little left to do. Most of the major pieces are in place and it’s more or less down to ironing out the details. The pace should pick back up over the summer and hopefully a new alpha shard will see the light of day.

Here is a summary of work done over the past three months:

  • Character Generation
  • Title Screen
  • UI bug fixes
  • Dungeons and Shrines transferred from old engine
  • Quest items transferred from old engine
  • Sextant position
  • Player commands: Board, Search, Talk, Ztats
  • Tile drawing fixes and ordering control from script
  • LB and Seer Hawkwind dialog
  • Localization