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A new age is upon Britannia

Posted by shatteredmoon On April - 21 - 20161 COMMENT

Another client update has been released! Please note that the last release had a bug that caused the client to fail to patch properly, so to get an updated client please run Repair on the CUO installation using the RUM Portal context menu. See the download page for steps on how to do this, or refer to the image below.



Included in the new client update:



Players no longer transition to wilderness when visiting earlier Ultimas, and instead appear before Lord British

Players cannot join or create parties from within solo instances

Party invite, dismiss, and promote options have been added to player dialog (only party leaders will see promote and dismiss)


Keypad Enter is accepted in more places

Path separators are no longer required at the end of a path for official Ultima installation verifications

When default Ultima installation verification fails, a standard File Open Windows dialog is provided for easier path input


Default official Ultima installation paths modified to most recent installation locations

Ultima installation verifications try more default locations

Patching fixes


Removed Windows API call that was preventing execution on Windows XP