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Posted by shatteredmoon On September - 1 - 2011

… at a video:

Apologies for the poor video and sound quality. It’s why I program.

That will have to suffice for this month’s update. August proved a bit too busy and no real progress was made, unfortunately.

In the meantime, be sure to pick up the first trilogy in the Ultima series now available for download from Good Old Games.

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  2. JFarceur says:

    Tonight, midnight (GMT – 5), I will try to lead a small team of adventurers into Britannia.

  3. JFarceur says:

    We (3) had fun Lan-partying such a game.

    Although one guy didn’t like Ultima4 (because it’s can appear to be long and boring to ask something to everyone you meet), he enjoyed stealing herbs in the and firing the canons on our ship with his own.

    We encountered some bugs with dying :
    – when one dies on a horse or boat, his sprite doesn’t appear as a ghost.
    – we met some kind of “devil-tree” in a dungeon. He’d put us asleep, then kill us, then we would wake up, alive, and we could kill the devil-tree.

    Getting everyone a sling made the game way easier (when we were not attacking each other by accident). Even the pirate ships would not fire cannons at us in the distance.

    At some moment, one of our guys disappeared. We could not walk on his tile, but he had to disconnect/reconnect so we could see his sprite again. He could chat and all, tho.

    It did not seem to me that XP and “Loot” was divided evenly between members of a same group. If its not already like that, it would be useful to be so.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. JFarceur says:

    I forgot : When buying herbs, it’d be useful if there was a warning when the character doesn’t have enough gold. I went “less virtuous” three times in a row for a single buy because I forgot to check how much gold I had left.

    Otherwise, everything seems to be good!

  5. […] Also: I don’t remember if I mentioned his update from the beginning of September, but if not…it also appears that Johnny has gotten Peer working properly. […]

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